Sunday August 24 - 5PM
Marché des Possibles
Casgrain corner Bernard
Montreal, QC
Orkestar Kriminal
(Montreal, QC)
co-presented by CISM

Gutsy and adventurous, these improv performers do inspired renditions of slum-based "world music" from a dangerously forgotten era. Along with their Yiddish gangster repertoire, Orkestar Kriminal has absorbed the Rebetika Mortika hash den anthems of the 1930s Greek underground. They can also be found performing in Khmer, Danish, Spanish, Russian, French, Romani, Ladino, or whatever other tongue might attract the multilingual stylings of front-woman Giselle Claudia Webber. So long as the tune is catchy and a little shady, they'll give it their best shot!

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